Connect-Ed is a cluster of apps for teachers, parents and school management to provide a real time communication and monitoring platform amongst them. With these features we aim to solve major pain of curriculum and performance tracking for school management and parents.
Connect-Ed aims to solve problems of the different stake holders for which need of the hour is an advanced, swift and secure communication and content sharing platform. Be it teacher-parent, school-parent or school-teacher, smooth, hassle free and quick communication keeps all the stakeholders in loop with the happenings and enables them to understand problems and their solutions better. Connect-Ed comprises of 3 dedicated apps for parents, teachers and school management-

Parent App

Parents have a major concern and that is to know about their child’s happenings and progress. Now parents do not need to depend upon school diaries or parents meetings for updates on their child’s academics, all they need to do is to open our app anytime and anywhere and know what is the academic status of their child.

  • Real Time Bus Tracking

  • Instant attendance notification

  • Current lecture status

  • Assignments/Homework notification

  • Access to teachers’ feedback

  • Instant access to notices

  • Academic performance tracking

  • Lesson Plan

  • ADD-Ed Mentor with useful informations and feedbacks

Teacher App

In today’s academic structure, teachers look more like data entry operators rather than teacher themselves. They are supposed to manage all sorts of data ranging from attendance to syllabus to test marks to homework and dairy maintenance of students. There is an urgent need to reduce their burden and enable them with tools which will help them in focusing solely on teaching students. With our Teacher App powered with our app, they will have their perfect companion. Following are the many features of our app that will make a teacher’s life easier in school-

  • Easy Self Attendance

  • Easy Class Attendance

  • Share feedback with parents

  • Dynamic Time Table

  • Content Library with Teaching Aids

  • Easy Updation of daily record

  • Give Homework and Assignments

  • Access to students’ exam reports

  • Notice/Circulars

  • Leave and Salary Status

  • Easy marks feeding

Management App

School management needs to be connected with teachers as well as parents on and real time basis. With our App cum app we aim to address their need of transparent and real time monitoring of teachers and smooth communication with parents.

  • Live Class and teacher tracking

  • Assignment and Homework Tracking

  • Continuous Students' Academic Monitoring

  • Time table and substitution manager

  • Circular and Notices Creation

  • Real time bus tracking

  • Year Planner

  • Approve/Deny Leaves

Attendance Notification

Real time attendance notification for parents on their mobile

Real Time Bus Tracking

Map enabled bus location identification and many more facilities for parents and management

Current Status

Live tracking of all the lectures in the school throughout the day

Homework Tracking

Easy and transparent way to know what homework has been given by different teachers to students

Secure & Trustworthy

Multiple level of security check points to insure safe and secure communication

Content Library

Rich content in form of teaching aids for teachers and preparatory guide for parents.

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