Assess-Ed is a continuous and comprehensive assessment tool which helps to measure student and teacher progress continuously and provide regular feedback on their performances. A one of its kind analytics based assessment which doesn’t result in marks or grades but talks about areas of improvement and remedial strategies.

Academic IQ Tests

Academic IQ test is developed after years of extensive research and continuous feedbacks from academic experts. Through AIQs we provide teachers with chapter wise assessment tools which they can use after finishing the chapters in order to understand the learning level of students. Following are the features of Academic IQ assessments-

  • Topic wise assessment of every topic of core subjects.

  • Small and easy to conduct multiple choice question papers.

  • Based on scientifically advanced tool (Blooms Taxonomy), questions are prepared for accurate results.

  • Enables us in identifying students’ areas of improvement in every chapter in detailed manner.

Psychological Assessment

Not all students learn at same pace and with same style. That makes it very important to have tools which enable teachers in understanding how different students are and how to handle them. We conduct psychological tests with students in order to understand their personality type and learning style. We incorporate the results found for each individual student in their performance reports and recommendations.

Personalized Performance Report

Our performance report for students is amalgamation of both AIQ results as well as psychological profiling of students. We provide continuous ‘Chapter Performance Report’ and ‘Class Performance Report’ for students/parents and teachers respectively. Chapter performance Report of student focuses upon highlighting the areas of improvement for each student. We provide psychology based personalized corrective measures for each topic in a chapter so that student can enhance its understanding of the chapter. These reports are shown on the parents’ app on the real time basis.
For teachers, Class performance report focuses upon highlighting the overall understanding of any chapter within the whole class. It also shows the list of special attention seeking students and different ways of how to increase the overall class performance with individual attention guide.

Real Time Assessment

AIQ tests are conducted on real time basis i.e. students take the test just after the chapter has been finished by the teacher.

Quick and Comprehensive

We cover all the topics in a chapter in one or at max two tests and moreover it takes only 5-10 minutes for a test to be completed by students.

Conducted during classes

AIQ tests are conducted during class hours only so school does not have to worry about scheduling it.

Highlights Strengths and Weaknesses

Performance reports highlight exact strength and weak areas of students to be viewed by teachers and parent also.

Highly Personalized Recommendations

Psychological assessment helps us in providing highly personalized suggestions in each student. We correlate academic and psychological data together to give recommendations.

Insights for Improvement

We provide deep insights to teachers and parents which they could use along with their own methods in order to improve student’s performance.

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