Administer-Ed is the most user friendly and updated unique school management software for schools. It is an ERP with all the features required for smooth and hassle free management of different administration level activities. The analytics based KPIs will enable data driven decision making for management which is more accurate and reliable.
The Administer-Ed comes with multiple configurable and customizable features as per the convenience of schools. It can be handled by either single user or multi user interface and can run both offline and online. Following are the major features of our ERP system-

Fee Management

  • View and edit fee structure easily

  • Collect fee for different type of students

  • Collect fees monthly, bi-monthly, half monthly or annual

  • View outstanding balances at any given time

  • Easy fee defaulter view report

  • Sent automated Fee submission reminder messages to parents

  • Easy monthly or installment fee submission

  • Track fee transactions easily

  • View fee submission history of individual students

  • Print fee receipt

  • View daily fee collection report

  • View fee collection report for a particular month, year or any time range

Library Management

  • Classify your library in different categories and sub-categories

  • Easy to use dashboard where you find most important information

  • Add, edit and delete books easily

  • Easy issue of books

  • Manage book returns

  • Check status as well as history of any book

  • Add and collect penalties for late return of books

Inventory Management

  • Manage and create store categories, store types, store items, supplier types, store supplier

  • Create indents for item purchase

  • Add and Sell items

  • Create and Manage purchase orders

  • Easily view summary of stocks available

  • Issue stock option for school staffs

  • Check No-Due status of individual staffs

  • Supplier payment tracking & reflection in account

  • Reduce shrinkage and allocate resources

Examination Management

  • Create exams for different classes and subjects

  • Assign exams for classes and sections

  • Easily view and create exam schedule

  • Automatic seating arrangement

  • Smoothly feed marks for different exams conducted

  • Quick and easy performance report generation and printing for individual students

  • Reports in CBSE prescribed format

  • View exam wise reports of students

  • Collated performance report of classes for their class teachers

  • View/Create/Print question papers


  • Add types of vehicles and their details

  • Add and delete vehicles

  • Add and manage drivers

  • Add/Edit/Delete routes and assign monthly fees

  • Easily assign routes and drivers to vehicles

  • Assign students to vehicles

  • Transfer students from one vehicle to another

  • Vehicle maintenance report

  • Timely vehicle servicing reminder

HR & Payroll Management

  • Manages all teaching and non-teaching staff

  • Manage employee payroll efficiently

  • Person wise account details with salary status and details

  • Generate pay slips of specific time range

  • Create pay slips on salary disbursement

  • Updating record, adding record, deleting records

  • Generate and Manage the Payroll processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee

  • Check employee leave status

  • Generate leave report of employees

Admission Management

  • View/Edit/Delete old students

  • Online admission form (printable) (custom)

  • Create and print entrance exams for different classes

  • Generate admit cards for individual students

  • Feed entrance exam data

  • Automatic student selection report

  • View and edit fee structure for all classes

  • View and edit course details for all classes

User Friendly

ADD-Ed ERP modules are highly user friendly and are developed in line with several feedbacks from end users

Superior Support

We are always there when you need us for any support or queries

Affordable Customization

We can customize our ERP modules in the shape that you ask for in the most affordable price

Offline and Online

You can opt for either offline setup of our ERP features or go for online setup. Not to mention, you will get same level of support from us which ever set up you choose

Printable Formats

All the reports that you see in different modules can be printed easily using any supported printer

Flexible Pricing

You can pick and choose from the modules that we have and we will do the most attractive pricing for you

Most Updated Features

Our ERP modules are developed after rigorous research and understanding of users need and requirement

No Hidden Price

We do not have any hidden charges in our pricing and you get value for every penny that you spend on us

Secure & Trustworthy

All your data is safe and secure with us so you don’t have to worry about any loss or misuse of it

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