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is the need of the hour.

Our schools need it the most, since our future lies in their able hands.

About ADD-Ed

ADD-Ed is a real time performance and activity monitoring, administration, communication and content sharing platform amongst students, teachers, parents and school management.It is a turnkey solution for schools to which enables them to use latest technology solutions andsoftwares required for a school via a single platform.ADD-Ed is a flagship product of Managineers Educational Services India (P) Ltd.

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The Technological Triology


Administer-Ed contains various ERP modules which helps school management in managing day to day activities of school administration in a hassle free and efficient manner. It has more than 10 advanced features which are developed after years of research and understanding of requirement of school. Also, it is highly user friendly which makes it very easy to use for every level of administration.

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We believe in real time assessment of students understanding of topics taught in the class. Assess-Ed helps teachers and students in identifying the level of understanding in each topic of major subjects just after they have been taught in the class. We also provide real time reports to teachers and students/parents which tells them student’s weak areas and personalized recommendations as to how to improve upon them.

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Connect-Ed is an innovative and most advanced tool to connect teachers, parents and school management for the purpose of continuous flow of important information and updates. We provide Tablets to teacher and school management which keeps them up to date and continuously in touch for conducting various day to day actions. We also provide Mobile based app for parents so that they are also connected with school and vice versa on real time basis.

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Why ADD-Ed?

We have reasons why you should choose us

Data analytics based

Data analysis is integral part of our offering. We analyze all the important data with us in order to provide you with most important and useful insights on various fronts.

Local/Cloud data sync

Your data is always safe with us, be it online data or offline data. We do real time syncing of online and offline data in order to keep it updated and safe at every step and that too with minimum internet dependency.

Runs without internet dependency

Our dependency upon internet is minimal as we use intranet facility inside school premises in order to connect all the devices. This means less hassle for users and efficient usage.

Most Affordable Prices

- Our prices will leave you in awe. We have priced our services on very affordable rates which make them suitable and fit for schools of every category.

- Dedicated Operations Team for every school

Our support team will always be there for you so that you can enjoy our services in a hassle free and productive manner. Our dedicated support team will always be there at your disposal if you need any assistance or training in using our services to best effect.

Complete hardware support

We provide end to end hardware to school in order to run our services in school. Also, School gets to own all the hardware after first three years of service completion.

Advantages for Everyone

Service Packages


  • 24*7 Progress Monitoring of their students’ activities in school.
  • Continuous Chapter wise Progress Report for academic performance.
  • Instant notification of circulars and notices.
  • Regular review of child's attendance.
  • Focused involvement in child's growth.
  • Real time bus tracking to locate the child's location.
  • Overall and Continuous Development in all spheres.
  • Parents can track the live status of their child's classroom.

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  • Parents can directly communicate to the teachers via the app.

  • Real time tracking of Student and Teacher’s activities.
  • Advanced Communication methods between the Management and the Teachers.
  • Management can create and update the year planner for the school and all the related notice will be sent according to the planner.
  • Management will have access to all the data of the school managed by the ADD-Ed ERP which includes information related to accounts, fee, payroll, staff leave and absence records, inventory, library etc

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  • Reformed Learning Environment that will enhance the school reputation.
  • Instant generation of the Time table by the Management with trouble free allotment of substitution and arrangement classes.
  • Efficient utilization of school funds due to reduced usage of stationary and labor.
  • Absolute satisfaction of the Parents
  • Competitive advantage over other Schools.
  • Management can monitor progress and performance of the teachers as well as the students and conduct appraisal based on customizable parameter.
  • Management can schedule and put reminders for meeting and appointment with any staff, teacher or parent in the school through their 360◦ tablet.

  • Topic wise analysis of the student's own performance.
  • Topic wise detection of strength, weak and opportunity areas of the student.
  • Instant subject’s problem identification with solutions.
  • Personalized corrective measures provided to the student for improvised learning.
  • Reduction in stress level of students as proper guidance is available.
  • Quizzes on various topics for learning along with fun.
  • Easy access to class notes on the app.

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  • Proper Guidance for better results of the students.
  • Access to the class assignments and homework.

  • Detailed class subject report after every topic helping the teacher analyze the level of understanding
  • Improved class performance from individual and collective attention.
  • Advanced teaching strategies and methods that helps the teacher to impart quality education
  • Focused attention on student's weak areas giving them the scope to help them improve.
  • Hassle free attendance system allowing easy self and class attendance.
  • Session planner for all the subjects providing a more systematic approach.

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  • Dynamic time table with automatic substitution and arrangement class allotter which saves ample amount of time.
  • The teachers can access the store house of lesson plans provided by various Teachers and ADD-Ed.
  • Teachers can interact with the Parents via messages from their 360◦ tabs.
  • The teacher can leave remarks on student's performance and behavior, which is notified to the parents immediately.
  • The teachers need to enter the marks in their tab just once and all the needful grading and marking will be done automatically.
  • Teachers can track the performance of the students, class and themselves with a complete analysis of academic and non academic reports.
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